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ITBN 2017 - 1. nap - 2017-09-20

Cím: Egy olyan világban, ahol minden titkosított, létezik még átláthatóság?
Title: In a world where everything is encrypted, do you have visibility?
Előadó: Mariusz Sawczuk, Specialist Systems Engineer, F5
Időpont: 11:00 - 11:30
Helyszín: G800 --- 2. és 4. szint
Az előadásról
About the presentation
SSL/TLS has been widely adopted by organizations to secure IP communications, and its use is increasing. While SSL provides data privacy and secure communications, it also creates challenges to security infrastructure components that are in place to inspect the encrypted traffic. Security devices today such as IPS and NGFWs lack the processing power to easily decrypt SSL/TLS traffic. F5 solves these challenges with an advanced threat protection system that enables organizations to decrypt the communications within the enterprise boundaries, thus gaining visibility into outbound encrypted communications to identify and block zero-day web exploits.
Az előadóról
About the presenter
Mariusz Sawczuk - at F5 Networks works as a Specialist Systems Engineer, covering North & East EMEA. Primarily providing technical consultancy for the design and architecture of F5 security products, applications, and solutions. With the IT industry involved over 15 years. In his career he has run network projects spanning many technologies and manufacturers: F5 Networks, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point. Specializes in network security issues. The holder of many certificates and speaker at IT and network security conferences.