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ITBN 2017 - 1. nap - 2017-09-20

Cím: "Hogyan tegyünk biztonságosság egy szervezetet" - a nem technikai megközelítés
Title: "How to secure an organization” – the non-technical approach
Előadó: Fred Streeflend, EMEA Senior Product Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks
Időpont: 10:30 - 11:00
Helyszín: G800 --- 2. és 4. szint
Az előadásról
About the presentation
In this presentation, Fred Streefland will describe how he – as a former CISO – managed the security of an organization. In today’s challenging and interconnected world, it is hard to secure an organization, because the security requirements are enormous (complex IT landscape, sophisticated threat, too many security products/ & vendors, EU Legislations/compliancy issues, business demands, IoT, etc.). Fred will share his ‘lessons learned’ from his previous CISO roles and he will show that securing an organization is NOT a mission impossible, but can be done! This presentation is not a sales pitch, but an interactive session that provides ‘food for thought’ and is very interesting for anyone who is working on the security of his/her organization.
Az előadóról
With more than 25 years of experience within Security & Intelligence, Fred joined Palo Alto Networks on Feb 1st as EMEA Product Marketing Manager. The career of Fred started at the Royal Military Academy in Breda (The Netherlands), and after his graduation in 1992, he became a Security & Intelligence officer in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. In 2008 he resigned as a LtCol and moved to the commercial world. He started at IBM as a sales/consultant in the Cyber Security domain and founded a specialized cyber team within the Software Group. After some years he moved to Accenture and worked as a Senior Manager in the Smart Grid Security area. After this, he became one of the founders of the start-up company ENCS (European Network for Cyber Security) where he developed a Red Team/Blue Team course for Industrial Control Systems (ICS/SCADA). When this was done, Fred moved to Exact Software in the role of CISO and 2015, Fred became the corporate CISO of LeaseWeb, a Dutch hosting company with a global footprint. In this role, he developed and implemented a successful method for CISO’s how to secure an organization holistically. Fred holds an Executive Master of Security & Defense (EMSD) and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam.