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ITBN 2016 - 2. nap - 2016-09-28

Cím: A new approach to securing your virtualized environments (EN)
Előadó: Cristian Avram, Technical Training Manager, Bitdefender
Időpont: 11:00 - 11:30
Helyszín: G800 --- 2. és 4. szint
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About the presentation
Bitdefender is a global IT security technology company with 500 million users and with a new way of IT Virtualizazion concept. The environment provides security that is build specifically for the virtualized environments allowing organizations to maintain higher consolidation ratios across their datacenters. What traditional technology is lacking compared to Bitdefender? How does it fit into multiplatform architectures and what change in paradigm these differences bring? That is what this presentation about.
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