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ITBN 2016 - 2. nap - 2016-09-28

Cím: Stop Being Reactive with Network Security (EN)
Előadó: Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, Fortinet
Időpont: 10:30 - 11:00
Helyszín: G800 --- 2. és 4. szint
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About the presentation
Dealing with ongoing security issues is like driving from Lisbon to Vladivostok without a map or GPS. You can probably get from one to the other, eventually, but wouldn't it be better to know where you're going before you even start? It’s the same with network security, dealing with the problems of the past while trying to counter the issues of today. Without a clear vision and the capabilities to execute that vision, a lot of time and money will be spent without achieving your goals. This session will focus on how Fortinet provides a clear vision of how to bridge the gap between yesterday and tomorrow whatever the challenge.
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