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ITBN 2013 - 2. nap - 2013-09-26

Cím: Catching the Waves - Collecting RF broadcast data for profiling and tracking
Előadó: Kane Crisler, biztonsági szakértő, Packet Forensics és Michael Schneider, igazgató, Packet Forensics
Időpont: 12:10 - 12:40
Helyszín: VIP 1. Terem
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About the presentation
Understanding the radio frequency (RF) environment is a critical capability that enables law enforcement and commercial marketing decision making. RF devices include mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, computers and many other emitters. The proliferation of RF enabled devices throughout the world creates a unique opportunity to develop a new form of situational awareness based on the publicly available and ISM-band and/or broadcast emissions of these devices. Packet Forensics' WatchTower system allows for the detection, characterization, profiling and analysis of publicly broadcast emissions of RF enabled devices. This allows a user to create a unique picture of the RF environment and to understand the "patterns of life" of device users. Use cases are as varied as determining what store is popular at what time of day or determining what devices were present during a robbery. WatchTower's form factor is easily portable and supports real time reporting, databased collection and kinetic event triggers (cameras, lights, sirens, etc.). Understanding both your RF footprint and the environment also allows for the protection of your critical personnel and critical data as it transits RF devices. Only Packet Forensics can provide you with the diverse collection and capabilities required to leverage the RF spectrum to your immediate advantage, come see WatchTower in action.
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About the presenter
Kane Crisler is the Director of Technical Operations for Packet Forensics, LLC. He has over 10 years of experience as an Incident Response and international cyber investigations lead investigator. He specializes in difficult problems, radio design, and signal processing/analysis. «««»»» Michael Schneider is the Vice President of Packet Forensics, LLC. He has over 20 years of US Navy and US Department of Defense civilian experience working computer network operations, information assurance, cyber planning, and military exercises. Mr. Schneider held multiple positions in industry working computer network design, engineering and provisioning. He holds degrees from the US Naval Academy, Loyola University and the US National War College as well as the CISSP and multiple other certifications.