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ITBN 2013 - 2. nap - 2013-09-26

Cím: Is your software secure?
Előadó: Gunner Winkenwerder, Sales Manager Central&EasternEurope, HP Enterprise Security
Időpont: 10:40 - 11:05
Helyszín: 15. Terem
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Your business runs on software. You may develop it in-house, or outsource development. You may take advantage of open-source code. Do you know if it is really secure? The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) says 92% of exploitable vulnerabilities are in software. If you are responsible for introducing software to your business, that’s a statistic that can keep you awake at night. See how Hewlett-Packard Fortify static code analysis helps you reduce business risk and development costs.
Az előadóról
Mr. Winkenwerder joined HP Software in 2007 after spending the previous 15 years in various positions in leading IT companies like Mercury Interactive and PTC. In the beginning of 2011, he joined the newly established HP Enterprise Security Product with a dedicated focus of application security solutions. HP Enterprise Security is a leading provider of security and compliance solutions for the modern enterprise that wants to mitigate risk in their sophisticated and demanding environment and defend against advanced threats. Mr. Winkenwerder holds an M.Sc. in Engineering from Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA. Apart from his native German he speaks English and French.