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ITBN 2015 - 1. nap - 2015-09-23

Cím: Disrupt the Cyber Attack Chain with Modern Prevention
Előadó: Tim Treat, Palo Alto Networks
Időpont: 9:30 - 10:00
Helyszín: G500 + G300 --- 4. és 2. szint
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About the presentation
The Modern Prevention that Palo Alto Networks achieved is real and relevant to protecting enterprises in an entirely new way. This presentation explains five systemic problems Palo Alto Networks solved to make prevention organic to architecture. The presentation walks through a gap analysis process security teams can use to identify critical prevention gaps in architecture. In addition, we show how Palo Alto Networks and your professionals can fill the critical prevention gaps in three phases.
Az előadóról
About the presenter
Tim Treat’s focus at Palo Alto Networks is explaining the Enterprise Security Platform’s relevance and transformational pivots that protect enterprises and prevent attacks. He has over 21 years of experience in Network Operations and Defense. Tim began his career in the United States Air Force as a communications electrical engineer. In the Air Force, he led global fixed and deployed organizations performing Engineering and Installation, Combat Communications, Network Operations and Security Operations. After transitioning from active duty, Tim spent four years working with commercial industry at Mandiant. The experience he gained leading federal and commercial Network and Security Operations provided an in-depth understanding of challenges faced by governments and industry verticals. Tim uses his experience to help organizations incorporate enterprise resilience, prevention and protection into Global Enterprise Operations and Defense cohesion strategies.