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Local representatives of the IT Security market collaborated in 2004 to create a forum to represent the interest of all the market players independently. The original goal has been far exceeded by ITBN: the event is the home for innovations and announcements of fresh products. ITBN presents the actual opinion of government officials and legal, financial, professional spheres of the IT Security profession. Everybody is here: high-level IT Security specialists, auditors, CISOs, vendors, decision makers, consultants, distributors, CFOs and CEOs, and IT procurement managers.

ITBN Milestones



Starting with 2005, ITBN clearing showed that the professional sphere and the market found important value in events like this. The 2006 replay proved the event has its place among the local event offerings, setting its main directions and confirming its goals. The following ITBN in 2007 showed a picture of a real market umbrella as  significant market players have already supported the collaboration. After reaching 800 visitors in 2007, the number of visitors has continued to grow.

ITBN 2008 introduced a new paradigm: the security-aware information management, and the idea gave the logo the shape of a purple shield. The conference was built around this idea, and it was well-received  by the crowd of attendees, which had already grown to 1000 people. This was the moment when the ITBN project team was created, continuing to work in the same formation ever since.

Another significant step taken in 2009 was the relocation of the event from MOM Park to the Cinema City Arena for a better and more spacious experience. The free parking also played a role. New event solutions were deployed, such as the in-house developed Event Monitor system (event monitor and registering system), the visitor tracking RFID system, the 2D Matrix helping event networking, the electronic registration, and ITBN e-program book.

By 2010, the event had expanded to two days, which also allowed the crowd to grow to nearly 2000 visitors. Our guest list included Mr. Peter Hustinx, former European Data Protection Supervisor of the EU, and Mr. Ernő Rubik, the famous inventor and designer of the Rubik’s Cube. The ITBN Security Award was created too, awarding the best achievements of market players and professionals.

After reaching more than 2000 visitors in 2011, the counter stopped at 2245 attendees the following year. ITBN sponsored biographic book “Ghost in Wires” by the famous hacker Kevin Mitnick which hit the Hungarian shelves in 2012. We also introduced the first ITBN mobile application for Android and iOS that year. These features were joined by a Business Matchmaking service, which brought providers and customers closer together at the event.

In 2013, Professor György Nógrádi, renowned security expert, gave us an insight into the struggle between privacy and security, while ITBN participants had the possibility to enjoy more than 80 programs. The following year, the event moved to a new venue, and ITBN had got close to 2500 attendees, which made it  the biggest Central-European IT Security event.





After ten years, ITBN was reborn in 2015. Along came a completely new venue - the gigantic Groupama Arena - which hosted the new form of our event and welcomed everybody. ITBN CONF-EXPO now had big and spacious areas, allowing the professional content to be delivered at new levels. The keynote presentations of Donald Good, from the FBI's cyber division, and Prinya Hom-anek, the Thai cybersecurity guru, were undoubtedly the crowning achievement of the series.

2016 offered no less. Following the warpath of the battles with the unknowns of cyberspace from the previous year, ITBN CONF EXPO 2016 put up the flag of cyber vigilance and called out for the guards of protection. We gave the most-needed cyber attention the boost that it deserved. Interpol's cyber division helped us see deeper into cybercrime, and Prinya Hom-anek's returning presentation gave us the full-scale insight of what is going on behind the hacker curtain in China.

In 2017 we dived deep into the cold depths of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. What will the next few years bring to the table of automated security? Are the watchful eyes and precise thinking of machines a bless or a curse of our profession? We took a good look at both sides of the equation during the two days of the event: mankind and machine kind. Besides featuring the best experts of cybersecurity from all around the globe, ITBN CONF-EXPO 2017 involved ethologists and psychologists who guided us to understand more of the problem. Mr. Vilmos Csányi, the world-renowned expert of human ethology, returned at the event six years after his first presentation which has been acknowledged as the best in the history of ITBN. Mr. Csányi spoke about his book on the connection between Artifical Intelligence and human intelligence.





So what have we prepared for 2018? While companies have emerged as the unquestionable winners of the profiling game, cybersecurity needs to catch up. What companies like Amazon or Facebook have achieved in user data analysis should happen to all the information cybersecurity solutions are producing every second. Today, when the average number of cyber attacks a bigger security operations center suffers could reach 11 million daily, it is no question there is a definite need for the use of data analysis technologies in this space as well.

So, in 2018 we will deal with data analysis and what good or bad it could bring with the help of scientists and experts in the field. Besides the trending technologies, our focus will also be on how data analyzing techniques can be used to help cybersecurity professionals and how SOCs will help to change the landscape of incident management.