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12 years ago the person of the year on Time magazine’s cover was not Mahatma Gandhi, Mikhail Gorbachev, or another politician or freedom fighter.; It was the screen of a computer displaying „You.” You, the Internet user. It was all about people and what they were sharing with the world back in 2006.

In 2006, ITBN was already born. At the second ITBN CONF-EXPO we were discussing the danger of trojan malware, remember? Since then, people have brought the use of cyberspace to a whole different level. It is not just about sharing videos and sending emails to each other anymore. We are feeding the cyberspace „machine” with millions of our data in every second. We are continuously analyzed and profiled by companies, governments, and independent organizations. It is not just You anymore; it is all of your DATA that went completely online today. After Your data is collected and analyzed, it gets used by roughly 8 billions of devices connected to cyberspace.

While companies emerged as the unquestionable winners of the profiling game, cybersecurity needs to catch up. What companies like Amazon or Facebook have achieved in user data analysis should happen to all the information cybersecurity solutions are producing every second. Today, when the average number of cyber attacks a bigger security operations center suffers could reach 11 million daily, it is no question there is a definite need for the use of data analysis technologies in this space as well. But despite whatever the new big data technologies of our industry suggest, we are at the very beginning of the road major B2C players have been walking for about 18 years. The big question is whether the analysis of security data will genuinely enhance the privacy and the security of the individual and businesses.

I believe it will. The last time I checked the number of firewall rules on my personal computer I had more than 1500. Most of them were automatically generated, and I do not have the faintest idea what they are doing. I hope the future will bring greater visibility to the few magnitudes bigger than a home system of all the rules, behaviors, information, and correspondence that are out there. That being done, the next challenge will only be to react to whatever is unearthed from your data. But there is your own Security Operations Center, or the SOC services, you are using for that..., isn’t there? Isn’t there?

So, if in 2018 you plan to venture into the world of advanced analyzing your security data and user behavior, plus you find a way to detect and solve incidents using SOC, you have done enough. You can just award yourself the person of the year.

Arthur Keleti
Cyber-Secret Futurist
Founder and Main Organizer of ITBN CONF-EXPO