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ITBN 2016 - Day1 - 2016-09-27

Title: Fighting Ransomware: Back to Security Basics (EN)
Title: Fighting Ransomware: Back to Security Basics (EN)
Presenter: Raimund Genes, Chief Technology Officer, Trend Micro
Time: 10:30 - 11:00
Location: G800 --- 2. és 4. szint
Presentation video:
About the presentation (in Hungarian)
Ransomware (zsarolóvírusok), mint fenyegetés, és tágabb kontextusban, mint jelenség.
About the presenter (in Hungarian)
About the presenter
As Chief Technology Officer, Raimund Genes is responsible for introducing new methods to detect and eradicate threats, and manages a team of developers and researchers around the globe who create Trend Micro’s new core technology components. Raimund has held several executive management positions within Trend Micro including General Manager for Trend Micro’s Incubation Business, President of European Operations; European Vice President of Sales and Marketing; and Managing Director. See Raimund’s CTO insights on his video blog and Trend Micro’sCloud Security blog.
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