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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions

General information

When will the ITBN be in 2024?

You can join us on 25 September this year (it will be a one-day event).

What topics will be covered at this year's ITBN?
  • #AI
  • #MI
  • #value chain
  • #security
  • #manipulation
  • #automation
  • #hacker
  • #gamer
  • #darkweb
  • #supplychain
  • #NIS2
  • #DORA
  • #NIST2
  • #data protection
  • #SOC
  • #incident prevention
  • #authenticity
  • #cybersecurity
  • #cyber
  • #trends
  • #exclusivity
Can I "buy" live online streaming with my pass?

There will be no online streaming. Please come and talk to the whole market in person! By the way, this was already the case in 2023.


How do I register for this year's ITBN CONF-EXPO?

Go to, then select the ITBN or Passport menu item for the year in question, or Register or Registration (depending on your language setting) - fill in the form with the relevant details.

What information do I need to register (for the ITBN platform)?

Always for your convenience! During the registration process, we ask for simple basic personal information, which you can learn more about how we handle in our Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement. We strive to minimize data and comply with privacy and consumer protection laws.

What other information does ITBN collect from registered users?

We want to be useful. We may collect additional information when we organize our programs. We thank you for providing us with this statistical information, which we will later use anonymously for program usage and attendance statistics, and to help us and our partners gain a more accurate picture of the composition and preferences of the users or visitors to our programs, platforms and services.

Does ITBN use Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems? And for what?

Of course we do! In fact, we like to work with our AI friends. We use AI to analyze statistical, traffic and preference data about the activities of registered users to help us provide better quality content. We also use AI to create content and programs.

I have always registered for ITBN for free, do I have to pay now?

Yes, the ITBN event pass costs money to attend the event. BUT

  • If you've been to ITBN in previous years, you can get everything at a significant discount (up to 80% off).
  • If you wake up early, you can get up to an additional 40% discount.


Is it like game-passes in the gamer world? Do we get different perks and legendary stuff? What will they be?

Yeah, something like that. The pass system is constantly evolving.

  • Essentially, you have access to different content with your pass.
  • It gives you access to either physical or virtual things.
  • You can always check the passes you have already earned under the relevant sections of the ITBN platform.
How long is a pass valid?

Until January 29th 2813. :) Actually, it depends on the pass. For example:

  • Event passes are for a specific physical event
  • Media passes are usually good for one year and can be renewed.
  • Workshop passes are valid for a single program within an event
  • Gala passes are for a specific party event
  • and so on.

Always check the validity of your pass! You can always check your own passes you have already earned under the relevant sections of the ITBN platform.

If I already have a pass, can I go to ITBN?

Well, there’s a chance, but let's see what kind of pass it is! Because,

  • if you have an Event Pass for ITBN 2024, you can come
  • you can always check the passes you have already earned at the dedicated points on the ITBN platform
If I bought a Pass for the on-site event, can I watch the videos later?

You need an all-seeing eye, right? You can have something similar if you purchase a video pass (when available).

  • We will also make certain videos available with event passes.
  • If you want to make sure you'll have access to all videos afterwards, we recommend getting video passes.
  • There are several types.
  • These are annually renewable passes that give access to different types of content produced by ITBN and its partners.
Up until now, I have been able to access ITBN videos and previous content, what to do now? is the solution?

There is the past and the future. The past:

  • Content before 2024 is currently available on the old platforms ( It will remain there for a while, BUT
  • they will be continuously migrated and added to on the new platform (
  • The 2024 content is now available on the new platform (
  • To access media content on the new platform, you will need to have some kind of media pass (e.g. video or audio passes), see the pass pages on
What does ITBN do with the money raised for passes and subsidies?

ITBN is (and always has been) non-profit, which means that all money raised is spent on the event itself, its creation, maintenance and development. We also report regularly to the public on our cost structure.

Is the regular customer discount deducted from the total price? (so if someone has been on 3 ITBNs, they get a 15% discount (plus a base rate), which is better than the early bird ticket for March, so should they take that?)

Yes, but the system will automatically deduct the seasonal early bird discount as well.

What information do I need to enter to purchase a pass (e.g. for ITBN events)?

As little as possible! When purchasing any pass, we ask for as little financial and other personal data as possible, and you can find out more about how we handle this data in our Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice. We strive for data minimisation and comply with data protection and consumer protection laws.

How can I pay?

It's quick and easy. We use the Barion system. On the ITBN platform, under the points of purchase of passes, it is possible to pay by credit card, the process is automatic. You can also request an invoice.

Can I pay by SZÉP card?

Not for the moment, but we are working on giving you as many ways to pay as possible.

Can I collect my pass in advance?

Sure, here's how. We'll send you the QR code to access your pass before the event, but you can enjoy fresh content and developments on the platform all year round.

What happens if someone gets hold of my pass and steals it?

Uh-oh! This is a difficult one.We ask you to follow basic security requirements when creating your account (e.g. strong, unique password, exit session properly) or when looking for the QR code from your mailbox to access your account! If you experience any problems, please let us know in the "Contact Us" section below!

As a company, can I buy the passes for my colleagues in one go? How will this be name-checked?

Yes.There are several ways to do this. You can buy them on the ITBN platform, you can also request an invoice. Or you can contact our event organiser or sales staff about this, because you can even ask for it all as a sponsorship package.

As a company, if I buy 10/15/20 tickets, do I get a package discount?

That's good news, we'd love to see lots of you. So, yes, it is possible. But please contact our event organizer and sales staff, because it might be more worthwhile to ask for it as a sponsorship package! You can find contact details under Contacts.

Is any of these passes transferable?

We are very sorry if you do not want to use your Pass. To transfer, you must do the following. It's not complicated, even if it looks that way at first.

  1. Go to "My Account"
  2. Next to the name of your Pass, you will see one or more long strings of numbers and letters (UUID).
  3. Send any of these numbers to whoever you want to transfer the Pass to.
  4. Hang on, we're almost done. From here it's up to whoever you transfer the Pass to.
  5. You need to register on the ITBN platform (site)
  6. When you purchase the Pass, you do NOT need to enter billing information on the last page (4/4)
  7. Instead, at the bottom you need to click on "Receive Event Pass Enter the code you received instead of payment."
  8. You must then follow the instructions to receive the Pass
How can I buy multiple Passes at once?

More is better. We think so. So you have more opportunities to buy more Passes.

  • When you buy your first Pass, look at the bottom of the panel. You'll see a Buy More Pass button there. Don't hesitate, press it!
  • Alternatively, if you already have at least one Pass, you can buy more Passes under the "Pass" menu.
Does the annual discount not apply to multiple Passes?

We can offer a year discount if we know who is buying, because it is linked to a person. If you want to take advantage of this, each Pass can be purchased separately by the registered user. Year discounts can be applied there.

How can I get a discount for buying multiple Passes?

There may be a way to do this. The maximum amount of Passes you can purchase can be tracked in the panel where you purchase them. If you want to buy more than this amount, please contact our sales team and we will look at the possibilities.